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2 Pocket Forager Apron

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Designer: The Vermont Apron Company


Meet The Forager Apron

We bumped up our Gathering Apron design to meet the need for a heavier weight, harder working gathering apron. We are here to serve you. This is our heavier weight gathering apron. It is made of linen burlap. It's a tough grainy burlap but soft as it is Flax linen. And it will become softer with each wash. The waist band is 1" wide with twill ties. There are 2 belt loops to help your ties stay in place so that they wont ride up out of place when you add weighty contents. Tie in front or back. If you tie in front, let the tie ends hang or tuck them behind the waistband.
The body of the apron is gathered into the waistband. There is an elastic casing for its exterior side. There is a seam down the middle of the apron body to divide it into 2 sections. You can use one pocket for clean goods such as your cell and water.Use the other for veggies or muddy things, tools, etc.
We prewashed and dried the fabric before cutting so it has already shrunk to where its going to be. You can just toss it into the washer and dryer.


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