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Drawstring Half Apron

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Drawstring Half Apron. This style is seen in old paintings and sketches.  It is the most primitive way to make an apron that I have ever seen. It is a wide panel of fabric with all four sides hemmed. Instead of a waistband, the top is turned over again to create a drawstring. It is this drawstring that allows the apron to be gathered as you see fit.  There are no pockets. It hangs 30" long covering mostly the front of the body. As it is a drawstring, you can adjust it to gather as much or as little as you like. You can even gather it at the sides and leave the front flat.Machine wash and dry.

Although I am tempted to make this apron with a piece of twine for a drawstring, I question the amount of sales in doing so. Therefore we make a drawstring from the same fabric as the body fabric. We make it long enough to tie in the front and 1/4" wide in an attempt to honor the historical accuracy as much as we are able.

We offer this in Batiste white or black. It is also offered in Linen in white, oatmeal or black. Linen is prewashed and preshrunk. Batiste does not need that treatment. Linen is a heavier weight of the two choices. Batiste is semi sheer and very light weight.

Please order according to your waist size. You can check our size chart to find your size. No matter your size, your apron will fit you as shown in the photo.



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