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New York Print Apron



From the designers studio......

This is not a nice cotton print. This New York Print is a heavy upolstery fashion fabric that is really meant for a couch or an overstuffed chair.  Since we decided to go throw bounderies out the window and create Aprons that we wanted to create, our customers are, we hope, enticed by pieces like this...I guess it should be a couch apron... but instead we designed it for you. The print is amazing, the heaviness of the fabric is so appropriate for working in the kitchen. We already washed it in very hot water and dried it in high heat for over an hour. So whatever could happen to the fabric already did. It looks awesome by the way. So feel free to toss it into the washer and dryer. You can't do worse to it than we did.

The neck and waist ties are of a lightweight black bastiste cotton. You won't hardly notice the ties on your neck and the waist ties are 10" wide to they make an incredibly fashionable bow. Tie yourself up like the gift you are! There are two pockets for cell phone and your choice of stuff.

It was suggested to tie the bow in back while you cook and then in front when serving guests for that fashionable look. High heels are of course a must, and wouldn't this be perfect over the classic little black dress?

It's only available in small sizes. It measures 36" from shoulder to hem. And 28" wide. Measure yourself and see how that works for you. By our chart that means it will fit beautifully on a XS-Medium, possibly a Large depending on your expectations. Please Measure!


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