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Plus Size No Tie Apron in Light Blue Denim with Criss Cross Back


Sold Out

We have one left in 3x 44" long.

Our No Ties Apron has criss-cross straps in the back and simply slips over your head for great coverage.It hangs from your shoulders for the most comfortable fit you ever had. Wear it all day and you won't even notive you have it on. Straps are buildt into the design. Extra Large Ruffled pockets will carry your things without falling out as you move around.

Made of a lighter weight denim, fabric that won't shrink, and handmade sewing that won't fall apart. The apron will last for years, keeping you clean and comfortable throughout your day.

The length is 44" from shoulder to hem. It should fall just below the knee. Measure yourself and consider the options we offer in length and size.

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