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XS- 6X Mens Long Apron in Denim

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This version of our Long Men's Apron is crafted in our denim. It is a softer denim thean your jeans but still an authentic denim that will hold up and team up with your when you work.

We also gave this apron criss cross straps, which classifies this apron as a No Ties Apron. The back straps have a slider that allows you to adjust the height of the shoulders so you can adjust fit where you want it.It will hang from your mighty shoulders with no knot behind your neck.

The waist ties are unique as well. They connect with a buckle. No bow making skills required. We added a bit of elastic on the waist tie so that once you buckle it where you want, the elastic will allow the apron the give you need as you bend and move. The waist will not tighten you on you when you bend down to pick up the wrench that you dropped or that last pizza slice.

The pockets are plenty. We covered the top edges with twill tape to allow for the extra wear from the activity a good pockets experiences. The top chest pocket has two entries.

The back cross straps and the waist ties are NOT connected. In our design, you will adjust the back cross straps to adjust to your body length and the apron will hang nicely from your shoulder. Then buckle the waist as loose or tight as you like.

It hangs 44" long and wraps around the back of you. Order your size according to the Men's chart on our Sizes Page.

Our enthusiastic photoshoot did not include a back view of this apron so we include the back view of our brushed twill so you can see the awesome hardware that we have designed for you to have the most comfortable adjustable fit possible.

Machine wash and dry.

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