Barn Aprons

Barn Aprons

When we had the retail store, Wesley, our favorite mannequin had his own corner of the store. He stood over both print and homespun aprons and a big basket of matching chef hats. He alone generated 35% of our total sales.  But then we went to online only, we found that our website sells one apron for men, the Barn Apron….period…nothing else. So, of course, when we make plans, it makes sense to expand on the one apron our customers have shown us that they need.

A single layer of denim just doesn’t get me excited. The Barn apron guys who approached us are using woodworking tools in the barn, or cooking for  hours passionately using knives, gadgets and doodads, while creating amazing food messes as they work. A single layer of fabric doesn’t do it. I want a product that makes us proud.

Let’s have padding I thought, I want something with more protection. So we have not only lined the top half of the Apron with a second layer of denim or canvas, but we added cotton batting and machine quilted it to the front of the apron.

Black Denim Barn Apron


Now I feel like we have something to offer. Now we have extra padding, we have a front bib that will stay in place confidently and absorb anything that comes along. We kept our regular 44″ length and added options for additional length or the absence of it. We also included two additional sizes; adding a smaller version and of course an extra large. With the additional of denim, the apron style comes in three color choices.


Light Blue Denim Barn Apron


The other difference is the lack of ties. We added a double D-ring that adjusts the neck length. No longer do men need to tie behind their necks, they can adjust as they need, we kept the long waist ties to allow for front tieing.


Canvas Barn Apron

We hope you like it, we also offer it in a pre washed light weight canvas. The Apron lends itself to both the Barn for chores and cooking as well. We hope it serves you well.


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