Our Mission

All through our history Aprons were as common as shoes until mid 20th century. At that point aprons took a vacation from our wardrobes. We also took vacations to a degree, from cooking, gardening and other practices to instead encompass the workforce away from home.

Decades later, more settled into individual identities that we as people create for ourselves, traditional skills are now reconsidered for inclusion into our present lives. We now see re-surges in sewing, knitting, cooking, gardening and home decorating. Work wear should be available for these practices and we at The Vermont Apron Company are here to step up to that challenge.

We try to meet the needs of gardeners harvesting vegetables in the garden when gathering for dinner. We cover the cook who prepares food with great passion and worries not the mess that she or he makes but only the creation at hand. We cover the worker in the barn who is covered in sawdust. We find great usefulness in Prairie Bonnets, whether preventing sunburn or keeping the wind from your hair or mosquitoes off your neck.

We are not so worried about carrying on a tradition or offering a retro product as we are focused on meeting your needs in today’s world. For instance, we know that in today’s culture, you don’t want to iron. We try hard to choose fabrics that will look great right from the dryer. We also know you probably carry a cell phone, amongst other things so our pockets are big and it’s easy to grab things tucked deep inside them. Our pockets are also ruffled so nothing falls out as you bend and move. We know you have access to the internet and products all over the world. We want our product to not only look good online for a first purchase but to surpass that when it arrives. We want our Aprons to surpass your expectations and serve their purposes in your day. We hope to meet your expectations and beyond.