About Our Fabrics


Homespun Aprons



Homespun Aprons

 Our Homepsuns are 100% yarn dyed cotton. This means that both sides of the fabric looks the same. It is lightweight and soft. We preshrink it in hot water and over dry when made into a long, full size Apron. We do not do this for Half Aprons as the shrinkage doesn't make a difference in a gathering Apron. Our Homespun is the same Homespun used for dish towels, so it is very absorbent. Used in our Gathering Aprons, it will take muddy vegetables and wash up nicely. Homespun will also become softer with each wash.







Denim Aprons


Denim Gathering Apron by The Vermont Apron Company

Denim Aprons

Our denim is 100% cotton denim but it is a bit lighter weight then what we used for jeans. This allows for denim that is still very strong but able to gather and drape into the Aprons we make.  Denim is stronger than Homespun and a bit heavier than homespun to wear. It is lighter in color on its back side. We use light blue, black and navy. It washes and dries well in regular household machines.




Cotton Prints

 Our Cotton Prints are premium quality quilting cotton. Although we could find less expensive cottons, we would regret surrendering the quality, colors and wearability these gorgeous prints offer. They are sometimes trimmed in simple bias and sometimes trimmed in contrasting prints. Pockets are also created from the same print or sometimes also a contrasting print.



Linen Aprons

  Linen is a beautiful fabric that comes from the flax plant. It dyes into beautiful colors leaving both sides of the fabric the same color. It is soft and drapes well. LInen is very strong yet very soft. It can be pressed to look clean and crisp or worn from the dryer in a softer look. We pre-shrink our linen. We make some of our most complicated Apron designs in this fabric due to its beauty and drapability.



Bridal Satin Aprons

 Our Bridal Aprons are made of Polyester Satin. Polyester satin can be washed and dried. It needs a low iron as it will not take a lot of heat. The ribbons are also made of polyester and are double sided satine, which makes then shiny on both sides. Polyester satin comes in shiny or not and we use both styles in our Bridal Aprons.


Our Reproduction Aprons in Cotton Batiste.

Our Reproduction Aprons are made from 100% cotton batiste. Batiste is a very thin cotton that is semi sheer. Batiste drapes very softly and takes gathering well. It presses nicely into a crisp look and works well for traditional looks.