Blogging and Gourds

Blogging and Gourds

Im told I need to blog on our website to drive traffic. We already have a stand alone blog, The Apron Gazette. I blog there and there are a few other places I write. I also know that my customers find it frustrating when they search our site and amongst aprons coming up in their search, blog posts also come up as they have mentioned the very aprons the customer would like to consider. They have made it clear that they don't like that. So I hesitate to write about my own product.  I hesitate to write any word that may confuse their searches.....So what to do, what to do.......a compromis I guess is in order. The only way to keep the seo guy happy and also the customers is to blog but about other things????....:)....Works for me.... So today I am sharing with the world for the very first time... that I grow Gourds....:)..... I grow the little ones as they make great decorations. They grow easy from seed, need hardly any attention, which is good as I have no time, and they look great decorating for fall. 

Here's a picture of some of my gourds drying in the strainer after they had a good washing. Cute, aren't they?


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