Denim Bistro Aprons

Denim Bistro Aprons

We added 2 new styles to the Bistro Aprons. We already have 4 styles in pretty canvas prints. But it's worthwhile to also offer denim. Denim holds up well in the garden either holding tools or seeds. Our denim comes in black and navy choices, both have black twill tape for the ties. 

Bistro apron in denim works well as a garden apron as well

It's a good basic half apron that works well as a market apron, garden apron, or simply apron for household chores as the pockets are deep and will hold tools and cleaning products.

Black denim works well for a basic household apron to carry cleaning products and tools.

As we purchase clothes to add to our collection, the same remains for aprons. Some aprons dress us well for the kitchen, some for hostessing and some work well as a basic cleaning or market apron.

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