I am a great Appreciator of All kinds of Fashion

I am a great Appreciator of All kinds of Fashion

I will travel by bus, train, plain, car, foot, horse and subway to submerge myself in displays of fashion. Not having my own personal staff and jet yet, still driving around in my little cheap car with my pretty paisley backpack and a few dollars in my wallet, I find myself quite limited to exactly how far I am able to travel. But anything in the general New England and New York area, I am good to go. I will want to see even bad fashion. All fashion feeds me. It's like fuel that feeds my favorite sketch pencil. Take some colorful bolts of nylon and great shapes can be made. I soak this up, never mind a good movie, give me a good display that involves mannequins and I will stroll happily around for hours all the while sipping a good coffee....typically until a guard catches me and takes it away.


Fashion is art.

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