I am an Unexpected Grower of Plums.

I am an Unexpected Grower of Plums.

I am an Unintentional Grower of Plums.

My mother nearly yelled at me. "You have to have at least 3 plum trees or you will never get plums!" I was told this over and over as I excitedly planted my very first plum tree. "You will never get a plum, I told you you need to have 3 trees".

I did not have 3 trees. I had one....who cares, I thought. The tree is small, fits into the little garden beautifully. Ok, I hear you Mom, I was resigned to no plums.....

But then came year two. As I cleaned up the garden, I looked close and wondered what the two little balls were hanging from branches of my plum tree....after all, they couldn't be plums, I had that pounded into my head.... I didn't have the required 3 trees.

I picked one. It was soft and smelled fruity rich like the worlds most impressively grown plum. I gathered all my courage and wild woman nature and bravely took a bite..... OMG.... it was not only a plum but the softest, most delicious plum I had ever tasted. How did these two little fruits grow in spite of the absence of the other two required trees???? I decided, to myself, I am definitely buying two more trees if it means getting more of these amazing fruits.

I never got around to buying two more trees.

In spite of that, my singular small plum tree exploded with plums that third year. Little purple balls hung heavily in bunches amongst its little green leaves. I was so impressed. I sometimes stood staring up from underneath its branches with the wonderment of a child seeing a near miracle. After all, I never bought the other two trees. there had to be hundreds of them and yet, here were heavy bunches of plums hanging from sagging branches from their weight.

So many fell to the ground, so many couldn't be reached as I had no ladder. But so many were harvested. I was inspired to find recipes, I was inspired to can plum sauce. But they were so delicious, we ate them. Mostly I ate them while they were still warm from the sun.

Have you had an organically grown plum, fresh picked while still warm in the sun?? If you have, you are already nodding in agreement as you understand the impressive awesomeness of which I speak... to those other people I am sad for you. Next year, find real plums. I promise it will be incredible.

And please, although your Mom is incredible and knows all, the earth will do as she pleases. The earth does not listen to my mother and apparently grows plums wherever she wants, when she wants, no matter how many trees are around.....:)

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