I Ignore the Rules of Salad Making and Do What I Want

I Ignore the Rules of Salad Making and Do What I Want

Did you grow up with Iceberg salad? I did.  "Salad" was Iceberg lettuce joined with a quarter of a tomato and maybe some slices of cucumber. Then to "dress" it, you poured oil and vinegar on it.....*EEEWWWW*!!!!..... then Adults would declare you don't like salad when you didn't eat this enthusiastically. Add that I also did not like "spinach"... you know, those greens that were boiled to death in a big pot of water and then the watery slop dumped onto your plate and again the vinegar.

Jump to me as an adult, freely and gleefully making whatever food she wants......*happy sigh*....I find fresh spinach delicious...seriously. I eat it raw or steamed. (Who decided boiling it was a good idea? Who is this person?) Add blue cheese or mushrooms and extra YUM. And salad? A lovely plate of greens and then covered with nuts, berries, chopped veggies..... dress it with a lovely blue cheese dressing and its delicious, especially with berries and chopped apple.

And I add another thought..... Who decided Salad belongs in a bowl? How does this make any sense???....If a food needs a knife and fork, it belongs on a plate. When I try to cut salad in a bowl, the bowl rocks back and forth and attempts to spill.... knife required = plate.... just saying.

Salad = greens + fruit + nuts + veggies...... on a plate please.


Spinach salad with melon, nuts and cheese


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