Pocket Options

Pocket Options

There are so many choices available to us for pockets. First you have placement; front ones, side ones, chest ones, butt pockets,and so many more. Then you have style; flat, ruffled, gathered, pleated, well I could go on for a very long while with choices. Let’s talk about the basics that we, here at Vermont Apron Company, offer and why we offer what we do.

A key element to any apron is pockets. Actually, pockets can be fairly critical. Often times, the pockets are why a customer chooses or does not choose an apron. Pockets can make or break the design. They vary and are important depending on the wearer’s use of the apron. And as the apron relates to work being done, the pockets need to relate to that work .

How do pockets related to work? They relate to what you are carrying. Think about what you carry. Is it your cell that needs to stay clean? Is it a muddy, wet rag? Bottles of product? What about when you are outside and have a cell, extra hair wrap, a muddy trowel, paper envelopes of seeds and some broccoli you just picked. Now you need 3 separate pockets for clean things, dirty things and a place for food.

Placement also relates to work. You may need things quick at hand right in the front. You may need items tucked away on the side of your apron in case you need them later.

Then there is comfort. No apron will serve the wearer if it is not comfortable. Therefore pockets cannot inhibit the wearer’s comfort level and this includes the ease of pocket use. Pockets cannot be cumbersome or difficult to access.

Lets talk about what we offer.

Front and center wide flat pockets are traditional, conservative and known to most people. They serve well for people sitting and wanting things close at hand. They do not do as well when the customer is moving about as the weight of the items may be bouncing against your thighs or stomach as you work and walk. And when you bend down far enough, contents can spill out. These pockets are best suited to those working while standing, walking about in a single room and carrying contents that do not require separation. The weight of the contents comes from your neck whereas the weight of side pockets comes off your shoulder as a purse would.


Flat Side pockets are again, traditional, conservative and known to people. I personally don’t like them as they gape open at the top and I have more then once caught a door knob or other structure as I soar past. Also bend down far enough and things fall out. They also have no ease, so should your hand be moving in and out a lot, there is stress on the corners of the pocket. But they do offer an alternative to those who dislike our ruffled pocket.

Ruffled Side Pockets are my love. They keep contents close at hand but at your side for when you need them. The come in pairs offering separate spacs for contents that need separation, for example, clean items and wet, muddy items. They have elastic that gathers them at their top opening. This eliminates the stress of your hand causing the pocket to pull on the main body fabric. The elastic allows for expansion. The Ruffle also keeps contents in place, even when bending down to the ground. I also like them positioned on the sides. They are readily available to your hands natural position and the weight of their contents hangs like a shoulder purse, not banging your thighs or belly.

We also have a gathered pocket. It is a lovely medium place that rests between flat pockets and ruffled pockets. We gather the top and stitch it into binding. The pocket lays flat against the body, eliminating the design element of the ruffle. The bad part is this may work nicely for say, the Linen Jumper where one isn’t working all day in it, but the pocket isn’t going to take on the stress at its corner points as well. But then most people wearing lovely lavender linen are not carrying muddy potatoes or assorted trowels. Gathered pockets offer a more refined pretty look that stays slim at your side.

If you need pockets that will work hard, hang on to contents, not rip as your hands go in and out for years and years with gobs of stuff, then the ruffled pocket is what would work best. If you want a big pocket but aren’t worried about stress points or the fabric ripping over time, choose gathered pockets. If you want the look of a big open square, that gapes open with your things readily available, then choose flat pockets.

We personally and obviously don’t mind which you want. An apron isnt like a new dress. An apron is a work garment that needs to serve the purpose of your work as you, the customer, define it. So although we can blab on and on about pockets all day and night, it’s what you need that matters. And only you know what work you are doing and how best an apron will help you do that work. And that is what we are here to support.

To help you, we have added an Apron Options page.

We design our aprons with certain pockets and features. You may have needs beyond that and we want to support you. Therefore we have constructed an Apron Options page. On this page we offer pocket designs, velcro closure and adjustable straps.

If you love a particular apron but need a change, we are offering a way to purchase those changes. This is a new option. We would love to hear feedback, after all, what we do is to serve you.

You can checkout the new Options Page here



Susannah Allen

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