Ruffles and Dirt

Ruffles and Dirt

Ruffles are a part of fashion and dirt is where many of us live. Aprons are simply the layer of clothing that relate to the work we are doing. Ruffles may be typically considered a piece of prettiness on a garment but we found a utility purpose as well.

Apron testing has shown us that ruffles have a working purpose. Pockets with flat tops tend to gape open and at times catch on things as we hurry by them. When pockets are ruffled, they stay closed and things don’t tend to fall out as we bend and move throughout our choirs.

We also found that by ruffling the top of a wide pocket, allows hand an easier reach into them, as compared to a simple casing. (We actually research these points with our apron wearers.) You need to get in and out of pockets quickly and you need to know your things are still safely tucked inside. On both points, we found ruffles to be a good solution and since you purchase ruffled and not casing alone, we heard the sales numbers and responded.


Red Plaid Ruffled Gathering Apron for collecting eggs, herbs or veggies.


It is important to use that our aprons follow you faithfully into your day. We don’t want you to worry about apron wrinkles, stains, washing or frankly anything about it.


Gathering Aprons ties in the back and stays in place nicely while you explore.


We want you to tie it onto your body and head out to explore, work, and do chores.


Gathering Apron by The Vermont Apron Company


You shouldn’t have to think about your apron any more than you would worry about your jeans.


Gathering Apron in homespun


The working ruffles here will keep your things safe while you set about into the world.  We want to help you explore, help you do chores and, quite simply, help you have a better day. Ruffles Homespun Aprons will help you stay organized while you play and work in the dirt.



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