Susannah adores Goth

Susannah adores Goth

Long, long ago, dark, heavily made up people with long black hair requested aprons that fit their personae. We hadn't done Goth before that....never considered it but dove in. Well....we had a blast! We were making a variety of aprons that were covered in large spoons, dark plaids and well, lots and lots of black. But then a year passed and sales waned and we realized that Goth seemed to have a season. The Goth sales were becoming simply Black Apron sales. So we bowed to the needs of customers. Even today we have the Black Apron page. This Black Batiste Apron was one apron that seemed to bridge both cultures. But I miss Goth, I miss the exploration it provided. Now we are left with these simple black batiste cutesy aprons.....*sigh*

Black Batiste Goth Apron


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