Little Mary

Little Mary

I believe we all have bits and things that we like to include in our garden. After all it is our sanctuary. It is where we pour out our hearts, our souls and our energies.  For many of us, it's where we shed private tears, find our center and peace and find acceptance of who we are, separate from the world that may not always be so kind. The garden is always welcoming and kind.

I celebrate it's friendship with favorite pieces. This is one, Little Mary. Little Mary has stood in my garden for decades. Each year, she stands and watches. She feels like an old friend that sits quietly in the shed through winter, waiting for the new year to come, knowing she will be brought out after frost and oversee another year of blooms and veggies. She will stand out there in sun and rain and watch the garden grow. I realize she is only a statue, but I feel a connection to her. I assume you have favorite pieces, too.




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