Monet in the Lawn

Monet in the Lawn

  If you watch, the garden will send you gifts. Things will grow unexpectedly, adding their own version of enhancement to your beds that you planned so well. The Garden has its own plans. The Garden has its own voice. And sometimes it sings for you. This is Monet's Garden in full bloom.

Popular as it is found in the paintings of Claude Monet. I grew them from seed to sit off my porch. They are bushy, ferny and showy in multiple colors. Here, they are just beginning to bloom.


The Garden must have thought I did a fine job. The Garden rewarded me, it sent me a gift. 

Only a few inches high, ferny growth sat in the lawn. The Garden blessed me with a new plants and I am appreciative. I will give these babies a bit more time to sit nearer their parent plant. When they are stronger and ready, they will be provided their own place in which to show off their gorgeous carefree personality. 

Thank you Dear Garden.

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