Tomatoes and Solo Cups

Tomatoes and Solo Cups

  Does anyone else start Tomatoes in March? I no longer start tomato seeds in March. I was originally told, March 1st was the perfect start date. The plants are so huge by May! So I trashed that advice. To be fair, it would work brilliantly if the seedlings could move onto Half Gallon milk jugs and sit under lights that had more height them I have. We all learn to work within our own confines, don't we?

  Now I start in April. Even so, they had to be transplanted into Solo Cups. I love Solo Cups. They are now my Go-To for tomatoes. They are so sturdy, that I know I will be able to re use them for years.So here's a photo of my tomato seedlings in Solo Cups, stretching for the light that sits just above their heads. 

They went outside soon after this photo was taken to cold frame and learn about the realities of the real world. So far, they aren't liking it very much out there, largely due to the earth's weird weather.

I am still filled with hope that I will have a stunning Tomato harvest late summer. I hope you do as well.


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