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Denim Half Apron

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Designer: The Vermont Apron Company


Our Half Apron is different then standard half aprons in that there is no flat waistband. Instead there is an elastic at the waist. This adds comfort to its wearability. When you are bending, stooping, and working, a standard waistband will feel tight or looser depending on your body's position. With an elastic waist, the apron will stay in place and adjust to your body's shape as you go. The long ties reach around front and we added belt loops to help the ties stay in place instead of creeping up. You can still tie in back if you like. You can also tie in front and tuck the ties behind the apron.

The elastic waist creates a ruffle above the elastic, again this is for design purpose. If the ruffle is not there, then the elastic casing could roll under. That isn't going to help you be comfortable. The wide casing keeps the apron in place. This is a great feature as some people want to wear their apron on their waist and some like to wear it more on their hip. The ruffled casing will stay where you put it.

The apron is made from denim. It is a bit lighter weight then your jeans. Offered in 3 sizes to accommodate everyone. Also offered in threecolors: Black, Navy and Dark Blue.

The model is 5' 6". She is wearing the black in extreme bright sunlight which makes it looks more gray. It is the same black denim that we use throughout our website.

Plus sizes are size appropriate, meaning the apron will be just as gathered and cute looking in proportion to the size ordered.

FInished Lengths

(XS-S-M) 18" Long

(L-1X-2X) 20" Long

(3X-4X-5X) 22" Long

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