Collection: Bridal Aprons

The Brides Day is one that has been prepped with the upmost care. Your walk down the aisle will see you at your very best. Depending on the Bride's preference and personality, the reception can take on many different tones. Receptions can be quite formal or quite relaxed, all celebratory.  For our adventurous Brides who have opted for outdoor receptions with potential disasters in food and drink, we offer Bridal Aprons. We can't protect your gown against a glass of wine but we can do our best to protect you against smeared frosting, fallen pasta, the misdirected fried chicken leg, not to mention other numerous party mishaps. We offer three Apron styles in our collection. They are all offered in our 9 sizes XS - 5X. The Bodices are lined for added protection. We hope you find one you like. We would like to thank our first Brides who came and requested this category, we had no idea how many adventurous Brides were out there.  Carry on, define your own way and we are happy to do what we can to protect your gown.