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Add Velcro Closure

Add Velcro Closure

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The No Tie Crossback Aprons have back panels that hang down your back. They fall individually crossing each other as fit allows. They open and close as you move accommodating your body as it changes as you bend, stand, move, etc.

Some people would like the back panels to be stable and stay closed. For those desires, we offer a strip of velcro to be sewn on so that you can close the back panels to a desirable place.

Choosing this option means that we will stitch a 4" strip of velcro closure to each back panel that will help them stay closed. Velcro comes in either white or black and we will choose the most appropriate color for the apron that you have chosen.


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  • Want Pocket Changes?

    Purchase Design Changes on our Apron Options Page. You can change the pocket design or add a velcro closure. Exclusive Design changes are Non-Returnable but will create an Apron that suits your needs. Apron Changes are best for customers who already know their size and length. For Apron Changes Click here.

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    We ship USPS Priority mail which includes tracking and insurance.

  • Returns

    We happily accept returns for exchange or refund minus the cost of shipping. Items must be in new and scent-free condition and returned within 5 days of receiving them. Aprons with purchased Design Changes are unfortunately non-returnable as we have no photos with which to resell the product.