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Chef Apron - Womens Cut

Chef Apron - Womens Cut

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One piece Classic Chef Wrap Apron that hugs the body. Adjustable cross straps in the back with long waist ties for a snug fit. Elastic in the serged edge creates a fitted look normally not available in a Classic Chef Apron. This eliminates the upper front gap, allowing the top bib to lay flat. The specifically placed elastic provides a custom fit for all body shapes. Waist ties can be tied in front or back. When we tie them in front, we tuck the ends in to avoid the ends hanging in the way. They tuck in nicely for a clean look.

Photos - The dress form in the photos is a size 3x. The Apron is Navy denim.

Pockets - There is one large pocket across the front with two distinct sections.

Fit - The adjustable cross back straps allow you to adjust for body length. The long waist ties allow you to tie it snug around you or tie in the back for a looser fit. The elastic in the back waist will allow give as your body moves and bends, so that the waist ties wont be pulling on you as you move. Order size according to your hip measurement.

Fabric - This is the same denim we use in our No Tie Aprons and Gardening Aprons. It is a true tough denim but a bit lighter weight which makes it a lot more comfortable to wear for long periods.

Care - Wash in cool or warm water and light dryer. It will soften over time and also take a good pressing if you like a pressed look.

Size - This Classic Chef comes 42" long. Order size according to the chart below, using your largest hip measurement for correct size.


Size Chart by The Vermont Apron Company



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    Purchase Design Changes on our Apron Options Page. You can change the pocket design or add a velcro closure. Exclusive Design changes are Non-Returnable but will create an Apron that suits your needs. Apron Changes are best for customers who already know their size and length. For Apron Changes Click here.

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    We happily accept returns for exchange or refund minus the cost of shipping. Items must be in new and scent-free condition and returned within 5 days of receiving them. Aprons with purchased Design Changes are unfortunately non-returnable as we have no photos with which to resell the product.