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Gathering Apron in Mini Red and Ecru Plaid 100% Cotton Homespun

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It's often said that when you find "the one", you know it. At first glance, our Gathering Apron in Mini Red and Ecru Plaid Homespun may seem too good to be true, but get to know it a bit better and you'll find it's disarming charm and impossibly good looks to be beautifully balanced by rugged strength and felicitous flexibility. It will unflinchingly see you through the most arduous of tasks, tirelessly bolstering your burden without adding any bulk or baggage of it's own, while still granting you plenty of freedom and room to breathe. Adjusts affably on a whim to accommodate your ever-changing needs by simply fastening it's ties in various ways. Resilient and cleans up well for year upon year of aproned bliss. 

Tie it up, tie it down! Depending on how you tie yours on, The Gathering Apron in Mini Red and Ecru Plaid 100% Cotton Homespun is freely styled-to-taste, and ever so easily adjusted to better accommodate the current task at hand. Gather up your booty of choice, and "un-gather" to spill your spoils out onto your table for processing with but a gesture.

Tough and resilient, 100% Cotton Homespun is an ideal working fabric. It absorbs moisture, holds up to muddy veggies, and washes well after use. 

Offered in Regular and Plus Sizes. Order according to the width of the waistband you would like. 

Waistband width comes in 3 choices; 24", 32" and 42". MEASURE YOURSELF!!!! to see which works best, please, please, please.



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