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Gathering Apron in Mini Black Plaid 100% Cotton Homespun in Reg and Plus Sizes

Gathering Apron in Mini Black Plaid 100% Cotton Homespun in Reg and Plus Sizes

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Our Gathering Apron in 100% Cotton Homespun may seem too good to be true,
but you'll find its disarming charm to be balanced by rugged strength
and versatility. Our Gathering Apron will see you through the most arduous tasks,
without adding any bulk of its own, giving you freedom and room to breathe.
accommodates your ever-changing needs by simply fastening its ties in various
ways. Resilient and cleans up well for years of use.
Tie it up, tie it down! This Gathering Apron in 100% Cotton Homespun is easily
adjusted to better accommodate the task at hand. Gather up your booty of choice,
and spill your spoils onto your table for processing. Tough and resilient, our 100%
Cotton Homespun is a working fabric. It absorbs moisture, holds up to muddy
veggies, and washes well after use.

The Fabric is 100% Cotton Homespun, tough and resilient, it's a great working fabric. The Homespun is a light weight of fine cotton yarns, produced using traditional colonial techniques of hand warping, dying, weaving, and washing. It drapes beautifully. It is very absorbent. Wash and dry it as needed. The Apron may be ironed or worn right out of the dryer. 

Sizing - Offered in 3 widths. Order according to the width of the waistband you would like. Some customers like a very wide bag for lots of produce and others like a smaller bag. Compare the Apron widths to your own body and choose which one you would like to have.

Waistband Width comes in 3 choices; 24", 32" and 42". MEASURE YOURSELF!!!! to see which works best, please, please, please.

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  • Want Pocket Changes?

    Purchase Design Changes on our Apron Options Page. You can change the pocket design or add a velcro closure. Exclusive Design changes are Non-Returnable but will create an Apron that suits your needs. Apron Changes are best for customers who already know their size and length. For Apron Changes Click here.

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