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Limited Design - Bib for Adults in Mini Blue Plaid Homespun with Applique Collar

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This is a limited edition design of our Adult Bib. We created this Lace Collar using 3 Applique Pieces of Venice Lace. The Lace is heavier and more prominent than our Bibs with lace Collars. Limited while supply lasts.

Our Adult Size Bibs are oversize and made from two layers of yard dyed cotton homespun, which is incredibly absorbent. The Bib is reversible but the lace is only on the front. It is machine washable and dryer friendly. 

It comes in two lengths. We offer a 24" length or a very long 30" length. This longer style will cover the majority of your lap.  If you are a professional who eats in the car, the longer length is perfect to protect professional clothing.

We offer a tote bag to match, This helps with carrying the Bib in a bag or keeping it in a glove compartment in your car. It is also made from cotton homespun and washes and dried well. Although the photo shows  Mini Blue Plaid Homespun Tote Bag, the one made for you will match the Bib you order.

The Bib ties behind the neck. Its midline is a wide 18" across and length measures from shoulder to hem at either 24" or 30".

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