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XS-5X -The Wrap Apron in Navy and White - 100% Cotton Homespun

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(Only available in the Navy and White Check)

 We designed this apron around the concepts of an apron that is loose and flowing, yet fitted well. It hangs comfortably and loose around your body yet stays in place with options to tie it around you tight or not. The crossback straps are adjustable and allow a good fit that keep the apron in place at your shoulders but still allows for the flowing fit around your body. The top has hidden darts that allow the top to fit a women's body well. The top of the apron has an interfaced band that also helps the apron lay perfectly and stay there.

There is a wide front pocket divided into two sections on the front. The long waist ties are not connected to the shoulder straps. You can tie in front or back.

It is machine wash and dry. It will become softer with each wash. Homespun is incredibly absorbent so it makes for a great kitchen apron that can be used to wipe hands as you work.

It hangs 34" from its top to bottom and comes in our 9 sizes.

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