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Pouch in Homespun- even more colors!

Pouch in Homespun- even more colors!

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Introducing the Homespun Pouch Apron. It is made from our leftover fabric, as we attempt to reduce our carbon footprint. This Apron will be offered only periodically depending on our leftover fabric pile. We just want to warn you to grab them when you see them. When the scrap pile goes, so will they until next time.

Our Homespun Pouch Apron. Its simple lines offer a pouch to carry what you choose while working. Easily place things inside. The ties are simple twill tape. Offered in homespun, it will stand up to muddy vegetables and rainy days.  Toss it into the washer and dryer and it will come out clean and ready for more hard work.

This homespun version is a bit smaller than our linen version. The top is 18" wide. The bottom is 20" wide.  Waist to hem is 14" The twill ties are 32".

To check fit, measure 18" across your hips to see where this apron will realistically cover you. The model is a medium and there is a photo included of a Size 3x Dressform wearing one as well so you are provided with that view as well.

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    Purchase Design Changes on our Apron Options Page. You can change the pocket design or add a velcro closure. Exclusive Design changes are Non-Returnable but will create an Apron that suits your needs. Apron Changes are best for customers who already know their size and length. For Apron Changes Click here.

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