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No Ties Crossback Apron in 100% Cotton Dark Green Homespun - Sample

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 SAMPLE SALE - Size Smal 36" Long


This is our 100% Cotton Homespun version of this design. Homespun has distinctive traits. Foremost, it is the same fabric used for dishtowels, it is extremely absorbent and if you are having a long day canning, doing dishes, etc. this will be as if you are wrapped in a big dishtowel, great for wiping hands and holding up to the water and spills of the work. Homespun also shrinks the first time it is washed. Our testing in hot water and a hot dryer caused a total shrinkage of just over an inch in length and 1.5" in total width. I cant say that you would even notice the difference as our aprons are cut fuller than most commercial aprons.Homespun also becomes softer with each wash. It can be ironed or worn right out of the dryer.


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