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XS-5X Lilac Terry Apron - No Tie Crossback Apron

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Offered in Sizes XS-5X in 4 lengths

 This Apron is made of double faced terrycloth, essentially, it is crafted from bath towel fabric. The idea is that although it won't repel water, it will absorb stray sprays before they go through to your clothes. Getting occasionally splashed while doing dishes, bathing the kids or dog, won't be as much of an issue when wrapped in a towel. We are giving this new item a try. If you purchase, we would love your feedback, thoughts and experiences. We will move forward and experiment on our own but in the meantime, we are adding this to our collection. And remember, it isn't waterproof, it won't repel water but it will absorb the occasion splash before it gets to your clothes. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you. We are collecting feedback on this new item.

Our No Ties Apron has crisscross straps in the back and simply slips over your head for great coverage. It hangs from your shoulders for the most comfortable fit you ever had. Wear it all day and you won't even notice you have it on. Straps are built into the design. Extra large ruffled pockets will carry your things without falling out as you move around.

Measuring yourself allows you the best expected fit. Measure shoulder to where you want the hem to be to guide you for the length choice.

For Length options, best practice is to measure yourself shoulder to where you want the apron to land.The photo shows an apron 42" long.

Offered in Sizes XS-5X in 4 lengths

On a 5'5" person

  • 32" is typically top of the thigh.
  • 36" is typically mid thigh.
  • 42" is typically knee length.
  • 48" is typically mid calf. 

Check out our Size Chart page to help

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