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XS-5X Smock #3 in Denim

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Our Denim Smock #3 is the answer when you need a serious apron that covers and carries essentials. It's length is short at 32" long, keeping it cropped in length to tunic length. The Denim is lightweight and drapes around you performing its duty but never encompassing you actions. It covers you completely with no ties nor bands. Gently hanging from your shoulders, there is a back elastic that molds its shape and holds it in place. The smock simply glides over your head. 

Our signature ruffled pockets are positioned on the sides. Ruffled pockets have elastic that gather them. This allows give to the pocket as your hand enters and exits without stressing the seam. It also prevents anything from falling out as you bend, move and do what it is you need to do.

Offered in Black, Dark Blue or Navy denim.

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