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XS-5X Wool Pink Plaid - No Tie Crossback Apron

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Warm up to (otherwise) chilly chores! Our Wool Pink Plaid No Ties Apron provides an extra layer of insulation to keep you nice and toasty when the temperature dips. Whether you're barn-bound on a blustery morning, running out to fetch a few sticks for the fire, or just craving that extra bit of coziness on a crisp day. Crafted from a particularly touchable wool/ poly blend that is happily machine-washable and dryer-friendly. 

Our No Ties Apron simply slips over your head and hangs from your shoulders for complete coverage and the most comfortable fit ever. Clever crisscross straps in the back are built into the design and stay put- without any annoying slipping or sliding! Extra large, ruffled pockets carry and contain your things as you move. So soft and malleable that you'll wear it all day long and forget it's even there. 

Measuring yourself allows you the best expected fit. Measure shoulder to where you want the hem to be to guide you for the length choice.

For Length options, best practice is to measure yourself shoulder to where you want the apron to land.The photo shows an apron 42" long.

Offered in Sizes XS-5X in 4 lengths

On a 5'5" person

  • 32" is typically top of the thigh.
  • 36" is typically mid thigh.
  • 42" is typically knee length.
  • 48" is typically mid calf. 

Check out our Size Chart page to help.

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