Collection: The Budgetary (Sales, Leftovers,Made-from-Scraps)

Introducing "The Budgetary," our latest collection curated with intention. Here's what you need to know: everything featured on this page is meticulously crafted and ready to ship, making it the perfect destination for those in search of a thoughtful, swift gift.

What can you find in this distinctive collection? "The Budgetary" showcases a variety of categories: from surplus aprons and unique pieces made from scrap fabrics, to samples once worn by models, and the final pieces of limited collections with only one size remaining. Each item is offered at a reduced price and is available only in the sizes listed, ensuring immediate availability.

This collection embodies our commitment to sustainability, as we diligently repurpose leftover materials to contribute to a cleaner planet. With "The Budgetary," we continue our journey as responsible stewards of Mother Earth, striving to make a positive impact with every piece we create.